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Educators today are challenged by the ability to reach students who are struggling with behavior and at times in crisis. This tremendous challenge inspired the creation of the BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team) model. BIST supports a caring community and a productive academic environment. BIST empowers schools to change students’ lives and behavioral skills by: home-page-300


  • Balance of grace and accountability
  • Powerful language to problem solve
  • Consistency in expectations

The BIST model utilizes four steps so educators have the ability to know when and how to intervene so students can stop acting out. These steps create a consistent, supervised, safe environment in order to teach and protect students. The fours steps are:

  • Early Intervention
  • Caring Confrontation
  • Protective Planning
  • Outlasting

Our team is committed to coaching and supporting schools with the BIST model so that schools can create positive change with and for students. Contact us so we can support you in moving your school forward in these challenging times in education.







Ozanam is part of Cornerstones of Care, a partnership of agencies providing therapeutic treatment services for children and families. Visit our Affiliations and Partners page to find out more.

Success at Pembroke


The Pembroke Hill Lower School has been associated with BIST program for the past ten years.  We have been extremely pleased with the results.  The philosophy and procedures the program establishes for working with children's behavioral choices, allows adults to remain calm and decrease frustration. It teaches a way to counsel children so they can learn from their mistakes, and make better choices in the future.

Barry White
Pembroke Hill Lower School

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